YMMV / Colosseum

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: How awesome? The menu theme is a remix of Star Wolf's theme from the unreleased Star Fox 2!
  • Game-Breaker: In the original version, Heat Seeking Missiles qualified due to Artificial Stupidity.
  • Internet Backdraft: When JoshTigerheart mentioned that not only would the story not be the focus, not be about the player himself but rather the character they're playing, AND be told in third person instead of second, some people weren't happy.
    • Much to his surprise, the story was actually one of the most praised aspects.
  • That One Attack: In the storyline, you only have the Nuclear Pulse Emitter that will all but insta-pwn you from a single shot (except there's always multiple shots on screen...) However, bonus bosses can carry an EMP Generator to ionize the entire system as long as they're alive or flak, which is a mid-range insta-gib turret.
  • That One Boss: Take your pick of Cade Connelly, Shane Merrol, Larry Antiles, or Grigory Smirnov