YMMV / Cleopatra

  • Award Snub: Roddy McDowall was originally nominated for Best Supporting Actor, but the studio erroneously listed him as a leading player rather than a supporting one. When Fox asked the Academy to correct the error, it refused, saying the ballots already were at the printer. Fox then published an open letter in the trade papers, apologizing to McDowall: "We feel that it is important that the industry realize that your electric performance as Octavian in Cleopatra, which was unanimously singled out by the critics as one of the best supporting performances by an actor this year, is not eligible for an Academy Award nomination in that category . . . due to a regrettable error on the part of 20th Century-Fox.".
  • Retroactive Recognition: Casca, one of Caesar's assassins, is played by Carroll O'Connor, famous for his role as Archie Bunker.
    • UK sitcom fans may be similarly called to retroactive recognition by Richard O'Sullivan as the Pharoah Ptolemy, Cleopatra's ill fated sibling. A decade later he would rise to fame as star of Man About the House.