YMMV / Claw

  • Anticlimax Boss: Le Rauxe is the one that imprisons Claw at the very start of the game, forcing him to get through the whole prison and battlements. You can beat him to a bloody pulp in less than 10 seconds. For a guy who managed to sink Claw's ship and imprison him, he's surprisingly inept when it comes down to swordfighting.
  • Breather Boss:
  • Demonic Spiders: Tiger Guards from the last level can easily dodge all your sword attacks, require THREE of them to take down, and are immune to Pistol and Dynamite. Not to mention they can deal up to 20 damage (which is a fifth of your health) and tend to cooperate with certain other enemies.
  • Goddamned Bats: More like Goddamned Seagulls, Goddamned Bomb Throwing Mice and Goddamned Hollywood Chameleons in the last 2 levels, and other.
    • Seagulls. Bloody birds, why would they be attacking an escaping pirate?
    • Mice who throw bombs and kinda hard to kill without getting hurt, especially if there are more of them at the same spot.
    • Goddamned Chameleons: The sole level they appear in is infested with them.
    • Peg Legs. They are very fragile (dying from crouch sword-normal sword combo while everything else requires two normal swords.
    • Crazy Hook requires five crouches to be put down), but if they stun-lock you in their two-shot combo, you die. No exceptions. They can also avoid your pistol shots, which makes them frustrating to take down if you want to jump on another platform.
    • Bear Sailors. Enjoy half of your health power gone in their hug. And they can repeat it just a second later!
  • That One Boss:
    • Formerly Wolvington. Monolith later released a patch that reduced his strongest attack to only one sixth of its original strength. Quite amusingly, now he's only slightly more difficult than Le Rauxe.
    • Marrow (whose gun hurts like hell and there's also that parrot of his) and Red Tail (with his wide variety of attacks and unfriendly environment around) count as well. There's also Omar (but he's a Final Boss) and Catherine (but she's a Wake-Up Call Boss).
    • Omar. Even despite the fact he's the Final Boss, he deserves a mention: People were known to lose all of their lives just to get past him.
  • That One Level:
    • The Temple, which is infested with Demonic Spiders and Goddamned Bats, as well as being choke-full of traps.
    • The Cliffs as well, though not to the same ridiculous degree.