YMMV / Clash of the Dinosaurs

  • Hype Backlash: The show received notoriety even before its TV debut, thanks to the heavy advertising campaign the TV station gave it. When it finally aired, it quickly gained a bad reputation due to the several serious problems that plagued it.
  • Narm: While Last Day of the Dinosaurs is heartbreaking, the tsunami scene falls a little flat; namely the death of the female Quetzalcoatlus (tries to fly away, only for the tsunami to engulf her with a comical "splat" sound effect) and the fact that the deaths of those three Triceratops comes off as a Too Dumb to Live moment, especially since their fourth member stayed behind, despite being just as desperate for food as they were, and survived.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Padding: See the entries for Stock Footage and Viewers Are Goldfish. Without these, the programs could each have been just half an hour long, or even shorter.
  • Tear Jerker: The Cretaceous extinction, and what happens to the surviving dinosaurs and pterosaurs.
    • The survivors who end up as The Last of His Kind. A Charonosaurus leaving the safety of a cave to find that all of her herdmates are dead, the Saurornithoides who's left with no choice but to eat its fallen partner, the Quetzalcoatlus who lets out a mournful scream when she finds her mate dead, the Triceratops that had to watch as its herd is decimated by a tsunami...
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Even if you hate the clips for repeating so much, you have to admit: the effects are damn spectacular.
  • Woobie Species: The dinosaurs (and Quetzalcoatlus), after the meteorite impact. Last Day of the Dinosaurs pulls no punches as it shows off just how devastating it was and how much pain and agony these animals suffered in their final moments because of it.