YMMV / Clarissa

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Anna Howe, devoted friend who gives unreasonable advice, or Only Sane Woman coming from Richardson's subconscious to tell him how people should react to the condition of women? Telling some harsh jokes about some men and trying to hide her feelings for her fiance, or hardened Jerkass Woobie misandrist? Very attached to her friend, or plainly in love?
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Lovelace. Some people wrote to ask a happy ending for Clarissa and him. He had to keep adding new bits with each edition to highlight what a hideous person Lovelace was.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: A modern viewer can't help but wonder what happens during the story, and before it, to Anna Howe, the spirited, funny and fiercely loyal girl who has self-worth and Mr Hickman, the fiance who loves her, respects her, and seems to see right through her sometimes abrasive behavior that she is awesome.