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YMMV: Clamp
  • Broken Base: Some fans believed that CLAMP lost the ball after the Mind Screw events in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and the No Ending in xxxHolic. It doesn't help when Blood-C, which CLAMP's responsible for the story and character design, gave a more diverse fan response ranging from those who think CLAMP overdone it to those who like it.
  • Deader Than Disco: Originally, they are a popular mangaka well known for their iconic shojo series as well as their massive crossover series. However, over time their popularity begins to decrease starting with the poor ending of XX Xholic and Tsubasa and snowballs to the point that the mangaka's popularity are now just a shell of their former self completely eclipsed by the Shonen Jump demographics.
  • Ho Yay/Les Yay: has its own page.
    • As an example, Yűko (of xxxHolic) simply cannot keep her hands off her female clients or her assistant's female friends. She's partial to tilting their faces up while she leans down, making for an 'almost-kissing' pose at least once with each woman Yűko sympathizes with.
  • Memetic Mutation (Just as CLAMPed.)
    • Any Ho Yay in any of their works is explained by two words: "It's CLAMP." Especially on this site. Goes for Eye Scream, as well.
      • Or Bishounen, or any, erm, interesting relationships, or... just about anything on this page, really, and much else besides.
    • 'At least you're not Subaru.'
  • Moe: Many of their female (and sometimes male) characters are just too cute for words. There's even a convincing argument to be made for the idea that Sakura Kinomoto is directly responsible for kicking off the modern moe "phenomenon".
  • True Art Is Angsty
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible
  • Values Dissonance: CLAMP features a... wide variety of relationships, to say the least.

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