YMMV / City of the Dead

  • Complete Monster: Elizabeth Selwyn is the leader of a witch coven in the ghost town of Whitewood, Massachusetts. She and her followers offer two sacrifices a year in exchange for immortality. Prior to being burned at the stake, she had sacrificed many victims, including children, and cursed the town to degenerate into Unholy Ground. She sacrifices Nan when she finds the underground tunnel, and then goes after Nan's brother, Dick, her boyfriend, Tom, and acquaintance, Patricia, once they arrive in Whitewood. Selwyn orders the mute servant girl she abused, Lottie, murdered for trying to tell Dick the truth about her. At the film's climax, she takes Patricia away with the intention of sacrificing her, and throws a dagger at Tom's back while he's trying to lift the cross in the graveyard, and he dies shortly after. Leaving her own followers to die at the film's climax, Elizabeth Selwyn is a murderous witch obsessed with her own self-preservation and immortality.
  • Designated Hero: Dick doesn't have many heroic traits. He shows no concern for his sister's mysterious disappearance, and must be persuaded by Nan's boyfriend to investigate.
  • The Woobie: Lottie, the mistreated mute.