YMMV / City-Building Series

  • Funny Moments: Some of the buildings when operated can have some sort of humour to it, a Cheese Maker for example would hit his hand making cheese every time. While the wine agora gets drunk on the job, Caesar 4 given more funny moments involving the workshops who when they are not active muck around like witless idiots.
    • The (friendly) Gods of Zeus and Poseidon, who do not have a sanctuary in your city, will regularly pay you a visit, trying to encourage you to build sanctuaries to them. As you build sanctuaries to certain gods, the remaining gods will in turn come up with new arguments, and give additional reasons for why you should worship them and build sanctuaries to them. And then there are gods who becomes downright desperate, such as Atlas, who proclaims that "I hold up the earth, for crying out loud! Why won't you worship me?"
  • Memetic Mutation: From II: "Plebs are needed!"