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YMMV: Christopher Reeve
  • Base Breaker: Believe it or not even Reeve is not immune to this. While he was always well liked in the role of Superman his becoming an activist bordering on martyr for people suffering from spinal chord injuries only reinforced the association between him and Superman as he put himself out there as basically the poster child for spinal chord injury awareness. However, the occasionally obsessive association between him and the character of Superman by older fans (think people in the age ranges of Mark Waid and Geoff Johns) has also been known to alienate newer fans who did not grow up with his films and/or tend not to care for the Silver Age and Bronze Age sensibilities of his films, even if they harbor nothing personal against him, instead preferring the more modern interpretations from TV's Lois and Clark, the mid-90s DCAU series and even Smallville and Man of Steel in some cases. Naturally, this angers the older fans who view it as Fandom Heresy to not love the Reeve Superman films (the first two anyway).
  • Creator Worship/Dead Artists Are Better: To this day Reeve is the gold standard of any actor playing Superman on film, and sheer acting skill in a Super Hero role in general. His paralysis and later, his death only amplified the above in public and pop culture opinion.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In the film Above Suspicion, he plays a paralyzed police officer. This was before his accident, but the end result is now the movie seems like a violation of his privacy.
    • The many feats of power, strength and heroism he performed throughout the Superman films - it's hard not to wince at them now in light of what happened to him later in life.
      • And then there's the bit in the fourth film where he pretends to wrench his back lifting weights.
  • Tear Jerker: Pretty much every appearance he made after his accident. Special mention goes to his Oscar speech and the standing ovation he received.

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