YMMV / Cha$e (game show)

  • Critical Research Failure: Host Trey Farley calls the show the "World's First Live-Action Video Game" in the opening. Considering the fact that the show is based off another show from Japan, that claim doesn't seem entirely valid.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Players earn more money based on how long they remain in the game. However, since the most you can win from this mechanic is $25,000, and lasting 60 minutes gets you the $25,000, but the check point only opens after that 60 minutes is up, and only the first person there gets the money, the mechanic is pointless, since, no matter what, you will win $25,000; you can't earn a dollar more or a dollar less from your time spent in game. It's mostly there to have a tally to run down on-screen if/when a Hunter tags you.
    • Also, the "clues" they give to lead players to the exit point. They don't matter, because the clues are given at 20 and 10 minutes before the exit point can even be used, and five minutes before, they outright TELL the players exactly what and where the exit point is.