YMMV / Chaos! Comics

  • Complete Monster: Armageddon, one of the first of the Chaos Lords and the most powerful, is a being of such arrogance and power-thirst that he even disgusts his fellow Chaos Lords. Wishing to reduce reality to formless entropy with himself as its center, Armageddon waged the Chaos War against his fellow Chaos Lords, slaughtering many of them and many of their creations himself before being sealed in the Forever War. Once he's accidentally freed thirteen billion years later, Armageddon wastes no time in resuming his conquest, crash landing on Earth and swallowing all in his path. From there, Armageddon kills everything within 100 miles of himself before resurrecting them as tortured monsters, sending them to massacre hundreds of millions of people across the globe as he wreaks global destruction, regularly destroying the populace of massive cities—Los Angeles being simply one example. Armageddon spitefully exterminates thirty percent of the world's population after an ineffectual retaliation against him, tries to tempt Evil Ernie into unleashing a global nuclear holocaust, tortures and kills any and all resistance against him, and vows that all that shall not serve him will be exterminated, ultimately killing off all of Earth's population and resolving to obliterate all of reality to rule the ashes — and damning the universe to follow him into oblivion upon his death. The most powerful villain in the Chaos universe and unrivaled in sheer evil, Armageddon is the absolute worst of the worst in a universe no stranger to pure evil.
  • Cry for the Devil: Flashbacks make it clear that despite constant abuse Ernest was a well-adjusted kid, but when he snapped (with a little push from Lady Death, of course), he snapped.
  • Foe Yay: Between Lady Death and Purgatori... but it's completely on Purgatori's side (although it was so blatant it really shouldn't be a YMMV in this case).
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Part of Chastity's backstory was being molested as a child by her father. Justiniano, the artist for Theatre of Pain, the miniseries, that detailed her backstory was arrested for possession of child pornography.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Evil Ernie brutally but casually murders the nurse who was the only person who mourned his "death" and had wanted to see him cured of his insanity for unselfish reasons. Of course, this being Chaos!, it's the first thing he does upon getting his undead powers.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Most of Chaos! Comics protagonists like to strangle people with their own intestines.