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YMMV: Chakona Space
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Leanna, Trina, Forestwalker, and Kris dressed as Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Tuxedo Mask respectively.
  • Escapist Character: Neal Foster.
  • Mary Sue / Marty Stu:
    • Given that Doove's Internet handle is "Goldfur," the same name as one of the characters in "Forest Tales", well?
    • That particular character is an Author Avatar, but not particularly Suetiful. However, there are some Canon Sues in the series (and especially in contributor stories).
    • Allen Fessler's character, Neal Foster leans toward this.
  • Squick: Expect godly amounts of this. Other then the fact that the chakats are hermaphrodites, expect to run into incest ( Forestwalker and Goldfur, Forestwalker and Quickpaw), sexual slavery (Leanna, various sex slaves in one story, capture, Garrek's Aunt, and some questionable parenting practices (thankfully off screen).
  • Tear Jerker: Keith Walker and Dawnfire's deaths.
  • Unfortunate Implications: According to the official map The southeastern United States has turned into the "Holy Christian Kingdom of North America" and the Middle East has been nuked off the map. Any takers on how the author views religion?
  • Villain Decay: Over time, members of the "Humans First" movement have become either incredibly stupid with their actions and plans or rely on convoluted plots. One wonders why they don't just place a few car bombs, like normal terrorists.
    • Because they have PTVs instead of cars.
    • They do occasionally commit acts of terrorism; cf. the stories Near Enough is Never Good Enough (Roadside Bomb used in backstory), Transformations (Airport-bomb in a Teleporter), and Retribution (in which how do we know they didn't literally use carbombs).

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