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YMMV: Cash Cab

  • Funny Moments:
    • When asked the name of a certain tattoo dye (henna), the contestant answered "Hentai!" Cue a knowing Aside Glance from Bailey in what is possibly the funniest beat ever.
    • "Wales isn't a nation. They are mammals. Mammals of the sea."
  • Moment Of Awesome: Any contestant/team who wins more than $2,000; currently, the record is $6,200.
    • In the Canadian version, due to the different value of the questions (about half), going above $1,000 is generally a great game.
    • One Red Light Challenge asked a group of contestants to name some of the top ten greatest US Presidents based on a recent poll. As soon as Ben said "GO!" one of the contestants rattled off the surname of every single one without breaking a sweat, winning the challenge with seventeen seconds to spare. Ben was so shocked and impressed that he had to wait several seconds to compose himself before telling the group that they'd won it.
  • What an Idiot: Those whose questions and answers are listed here.
    • One contestant thought the world's largest democracy was China.

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