YMMV / Carpe Jugulum

  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • When Paster Oats mentions that he isn't eating meat this month to commemorate the anniversary of Brutha crossing the desert, Agnes asks if there's any meat to eat in a desert to halfheartedly question this practice. But to readers of Small Gods, this tradition is actually justified: Brutha could have easily killed an ailing lion and eaten it while crossing the desert, but refused even though he was starving and Om was telling him to do it.
      • Oats ends up carrying an unconscious Granny Weatherwax through the pouring rain, with much difficulty. Though Oats has no way of knowing this, Brutha carried someone else through the desert in much the same way.
    • It's minor, but the Countess de Magpyr doesn't argue with her husband much at all, even when there's some "familial" strife after the family has been "Weatherwaxed". She was turned by her husband, the Count, and vampires are subservient to the ones that turned them.
  • Fridge Horror: Greebo's ferocity and capacity for destruction have always been played for laughs. He's taken down bears, elks, and (once, by accident) ate a vampire because it was in bat form. However, under normal circumstances, Vampires are extremely hard to kill. Everyone who knows anything about vampires knows that. In this book alone, it takes complete incineration (normal fire, holy water, phoenix flame), otherwise nothing less than decapitation followed by other traditional methods (such as the classic stake through the heart). However, Greebo was able to kill a vampire with simple, offscreen savagery. What did Greebo do to him? And if he could do that to a vampire, what could he do to a human that pissed him off?
    • Greebo already killed a vampire once in Witches Abroad, though that was played for laughs.
    • Perhaps Greebo doesn't, in fact, "know anything about vampires". Being unaware that he can't kill the vampire, he just goes and does it, and the universe can't catch up in time to tell him that it is impossible.
      • It was a different kind of vampire, in bat-form, that he killed in Witches Abroad. Can't explain the case here though.
    • Greebo startled the vampire, Who then instinctively turned into the one form of Vampire Greebo can canonically destroy… a vampire bat.
    • Being torn to pieces is apparently fatal for werewolves, despite their alleged invulnerability to anything but fire or silver. Angua admits she was in real mortal danger from wolves in The Fifth Elephant, and knew she'd have no chance against the Dog Guild in Men At Arms. It's possible that vampires have a similar weakness to being ripped apart: it's just not a tactic that human monster-hunters are equipped to utilize as easily as stakes or beheading, so they don't know about it.
  • Genius Bonus: The vampires' family name is "Magpyr". Before his research into Transylvanian history turned up the name of a certain warlord infamous for impaling his enemies, Bram Stoker had intended to call Dracula "Lord Vampyr".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Vlad mentions that he can't read Agnes' mind, thus taking a potentially romantic interest in her. Sound familiar?