YMMV / Captain Broadband

  • Acceptable Targets: Certainly not homeless people.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Captain Broadband a Last DJ, Wellintentioned Extremist looking to promote the concepts of free information and personal creativity? Or is he an omnicidal maniac, bent on wrecking havoc under any deluded excuse?
    • Furthermore, is he actually an evil maniac working under the pretense of being a deluded superhero in order to commit acts of murder and violence? Or is he really just a deluded superhero with no real awareness of the catastrophic level of damage he causes?
  • Nightmare Fuel: A rather large muscular man climbing out of your computer monitor for the completely uninnocent purpose of threatening, and conjorling you, before shacking up in your computer room without permission for several months. When your parents return home, he beats them ruthlessly, buries them in the basement (possibly whist still alive) and then hypontises you to forget they ever existed. Yeah, what a heroic hero.
  • Squick: Let me explain that again...