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YMMV: Captain Atom
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Of Nathaniel Adam, the second Captain Atom - blindly loyal government stooge and hawkish military man unable to shake his My Country, Right or Wrong mindset, or a good man struggling to do the right thing with the god like power that he's been granted? It's very much a case of Depending on the Writer.
    • The New 52 version of Nate makes it very clear that he won't work strictly for the government.
  • Complete Monster: Major Force is the Evil Counterpart of Captain Atom. The guy is responsible for one of the most infamous Stuffed into the Fridge incidents in comics (the Trope Namer, in fact). He murdered Kyle Rayner's girlfriend and stuffed her body in a refrigerator for Kyle to find. His idea of a joke? Pretending to do the same thing with Kyle's mother by putting what looked like her severed head in an oven. He's the worst possible person to choose for a military experiment that turns humans into powerful immortal Energy Beings. He is so crazy, he RIPS OFF Major Liberty's (his ally and fellow government cape) arm and beats him to death with it because, to quote: "We don't need two majors on this team!"
  • Magnificent Bastard: General Wade Eiling. Since the series was written by Cary Bates and Greg Weisman, the creators of Gargoyles and David Xanatos, that is not surprising.

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