YMMV: Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium

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  • Character Tiers: In a case which can be likened to that of Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the top tiers consist almost exclusively of Capcom characters, with SNK characters such as Hibiki, Geese, and Rock edging their way into upper/high-mid and the middle and lower/low-mid tiers mostly featuring SNK characters (cue jokes that, since Capcom developed the game, they intentionally gimped SNK's side). Unlike MvC2, the high and mid tiers are still quite good in the right hands, many of them even seeing their fair share of Tournament Play. The viability of several characters is actually independent of picks/counterpicks. On top of that, the Groove System adds another layer of depth (the strategies and nuisances of characters are bound to change due to the wide range of gameplay mechanics offered between each Groove), and while certain Grooves are better than others, "weaker" Grooves such as P-Groove and S-Groove can still be deadly up against users of the other four Grooves if utilized properly. It's not quite as unbalanced as some would have you believe.
  • Cult Classic: While Marvel vs. Capcom 2 might very well be the most well-known of all the Vs. games, there are members of the FGC who argue that MvC2 is more than a bit overrated (if not outright undeserving of the magnanimous praise it gets note ) while CvS2 was overlooked as a result. As such, CvS2-proponents feel it didn't receive the kind of acclaim it should have for a game of such depth and complexity. This article sums it all up quite nicely.
  • Fountain of Memes: The announcer has so many quotable lines, he almost steals the show. Keep rockin', baby! Live and let die! Go for broke! This battle is about to explode! Fight!
  • Funny Moments: Some of the character endings are pretty silly.
    • Mai's ending reveals why Andy didn't appear in the game: She tried to trick him into signing a marriage registration form by disguising it as the registration form for the tournament.
    • Blanka's ending. He boarded the wrong plane after the tournament and ended up in a zoo.
    • Balrog's ending reveals that he was Only in It for the Money. Unfortunately, he accidentally signed all his prize money away to charity, which goes to rebuilding Osaka after the Final Boss fight destroyed it.
  • Game Breaker: Roll canceling note . In fact, during the 2002 EVO tourney (in which 20 Japanese players attended), most of the Americans didn't learn to employ roll canceling; most of the Japanese players did, leading to Japan dominating the standings (the only top U.S. finishers were 3rd and a two-man tie for 7th), with Tokido blowing up not only the other Japanese finalist (Nuki), but America's top placer (Ken, who did know how to roll cancel). What mitigates RCing's claim as a Game Breaker (even if slightly) is that, aside of the practice necessary to perfect its execution, the skill is available to every character, some of whom can benefit from its effects when faced with a bad match-up. Roll canceling has widely been accepted as a legitimate factor in high-level play since. In fact, their removal in the GameCube and Xbox versions (EO) is one of the reasons those ports weren't received as well as the PS2 and Dreamcast ones.
    • It goes without saying that the "boss-tier" characters (Evil Ryu, Orochi Iori, Shin Akuma, and God Rugal) are banned from tournaments.
      • Oddly enough those characters aren't nearly as viable as the top tiers due to their incredibly low health (they die in 1-2 hits or a super), and the sheer number of options and moves in the game. Roll canceling, custom combos, etc, make it so many of their tactics can be easily nullified.
  • Gameplay Derailment: Again, roll cancels.
  • That One Attack: The new version of Shin Akuma (fueled by the Orochi power) possesses what is perhaps the deadliest and most instantaneous deathmove ever: Misogi. The moment you hear the super activation chime, pray.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Watching high-level matches with most matches consisting of Sakura/Bison/Blanka can get annoying to some people after a while.
    • Though using advanced attacks with Bison and Sakura took plenty of practice, especially their custom combos known as "Paint The Fence" and "Shosho" because of the motions and sounds of them.