YMMV: Caliphate

  • Author Tract: In Kratman's own words in this interview.
    "I think itís more likely than not that Europe will at some point in time become as I portray the Caliphate. But I canít say itís inevitable. As for the US turning into a nasty, genocidal dictatorship? Much of that depends on how we react to a really mass casualty, megadeath event on our soil, directed at us. As, by the way, I fully expect to happen."
    • He could always self-publish it, if he wanted.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Kratman predicted that by 2015 the Democrat-led government would have called off the search for Bin Laden out of a spineless attempt to pander to the Muslim world after a nuclear attack. Come 2011...
  • Ho Yay: Since Lee controls Ling via a microchip, any interaction with Hans would be this indirectly. However, Ling does genuinely love Hans.