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YMMV: Caliphate
  • Fridge Logic: Perhaps he gave the book away free because he couldn't find a publisher otherwise?
    • He could always self-publish it, if he wanted.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Kratman predicted that by 2015 the Democrat-led government would have called off the search for Bin Laden out of a spineless attempt to pander to the Muslim world after a nuclear attack. Come 2011...
  • Ho Yay: Since Lee controls Ling via a microchip, any interaction with Hans would be this indirectly. However, Ling does genuinely love Hans.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Sweet tap-dancing Christ... when your bigotry sometimes manages to make the fucking Turner Diaries look tame, you know you have serious issues. Lets start with the most blatant.
    • Firstly, Muslims. Dear god Kratman really, really hates Muslims. EVERY conceivable racist stereotype or conspiracy theory that has ever been spewed against Muslims is overwhelmingly obvious in this text and is portrayed as absolute truth. From Muslims being bloodthirsty terrorists/murderers/rapists/pedophiles/slavers, with it being explicitly noted how Muslim men enjoy raping white Christian children to assert their superiority, to them having long planned to conquer Europe (with Muslim migrants to European nations all being "in on it"), to them exterminating the Jews, to them planning to exterminate most of humanity with bio-weapons... the book basically portrays all Muslims as a mix between the Taliban and the Nazis. One of the few "sympathetic" Muslim characters is only featured in Petra's grandmother's diary, and is in fact a convert to Christianity who does nothing but engage in lengthy rants as to the inherent superiority of America compared to weak, liberal Europe, and how much better it is at all things from culture to economics to religion etc, and he is desperate to flee Europe (in 2005, no less). Which leads us to the second point:
    • Secondly, those European Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys are similarly pilloried as impotent cowards, with Europe being conquered and enslaved (literally, with their children being enslaved either into being cannon fodder or child prostitutes) by Muslims because of their "political correctness" in allowing refugees from the nuked remnants of the Middle East to settle there and decreasing demographics (more on that barrel of worms later), with the only good Europeans being ones who have the good sense to murder or ethnically cleanse Muslims on sight (as Britain does in the book). Yep Europe basically deserves to suffer MusliNazi conquest for not shooting any and all dark people on the border and for not making more white babies. All in all, anyone who believes Muslims are actually people are nothing but the most depraved and spineless collaborators imaginable, while Muslims are satanic and soulless murder/conquest/child-rape machines. Charming.
      • Canadians get it even worse than the Europeans despite being barely mentioned, with them not just getting Europe's MusliNazi treatment for allowing Muslim immigration, but with Canadian characters being repulsive pedophilic traitors to the West and who are desperate to destroy America.
      • The one exception to this is Britain, but only because Britain either deports or exterminates its Muslim population and becomes a fascist absolute monarchy. So yeah, the only good Europeans are bona fide fascists.
    • Thirdly, the concept of a violently right-wing and fundamentalist Christian America taking over the world is idealized, with its violent conquest of the Americas and its genocidal nuclear massacre of the Middle East being "subtly" depicted as necessary evils... which is actually kinda tame compared to the above.
    • Fourthly, the entire takeover of Southern Africa by both white South Africans and European refugees, coupled with the re-institution of slavery and (implied) apartheid is also seen as a positive force against Islam, even if the main character is momentarily horrified at the slavery aspect. Adding to this is the fact that this white government then "allied with the Zulus" (don't ask how that's supposed to work or why the Zulus are suddenly integral to controlling Africa) to somehow cement their rule and uses them to mass murder Muslims on whim. And yes, this is portrayed as a "good thing" since it causes many Muslims to convert to Christianity out of fear.
    • Fifthly, aside from the aforementioned godawful national/religious/racial depictions, the number of times the author attempts to sexualize the character of Petra (a child sex slave... yeah) is downright nauseating, especially the detailed and lurid descriptions of her being raped by Muslims (and the aforementioned Canadian scientist) at a brothel. Say what you like about the The Turner Diaries, but at least that book didn't use child rape as titillation.
    • Sixthly, the proposed "demographic conquest of Europe" is highly unlikely. Muslims make up at most 4.5% of Western Europe, and even less for EU countries overall. Muslim immigrant fertile rates are already declining as they assimilate into European culture, while only 500,000 or so new legal immigrants come to Europe annually from Muslim-majority countries, and even less illegally. Meanwhile, though writers such as Kratman make much of low native European birthrates in contrast to Muslim immigrants, all EU states besides Germany have seen rises. Further, all this assumes that birthrates of both populations will remain steady, which is hardly a given. Recent polls have shown that European Muslims conform to their national cultures overall, without a clear conflict with Islam. There have certainly been problems, and violent extremists do exist, but to generalize from this into future European Islamization is absurd. Additionally, Europeans are hardly unaware of the impact Muslim immigrants have on their cultures. Every country with a significant population has people who agree with Kratman, and who certainly would fight any future Muslim takeover. The same predictions were made about Western Europe in regards to communism during the Cold War. We all know how that one turned out.
      • Moreover, the "demographic conquest" plays into some deeply racist conspiracy theories about non-whites swarming white nations because of comparatively low birth rate, and the resulting consequences of white people not breeding enough are taken directly from the Neo Nazi handbook.
      • Finally, the depiction of the Chinese in this book hearkens back to a large number of Yellow Peril tropes....though compared to the foaming at the mouth racism and xenophobia shown above this is sometimes easier to miss.

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