YMMV / Caliphate

  • Anvilicious: The book is, shall we say, not very subtle. Muslims bad, freedom good, m'kay?
  • Author Tract: In Kratman's own words in this interview.
    "I think itís more likely than not that Europe will at some point in time become as I portray the Caliphate. But I canít say itís inevitable. As for the US turning into a nasty, genocidal dictatorship? Much of that depends on how we react to a really mass casualty, megadeath event on our soil, directed at us. As, by the way, I fully expect to happen."
    • He could always self-publish it, if he wanted.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The new Islamic Caliphate was indeed estabilished by terrorists, and a large portion of its militants were recruited in Europe. Fortunately, the majority of the Muslims condemned them, both in Europe and in the Islamic world, so the "Eurabian" dystopia of Caliphate has not come to pass.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Kratman predicted that by 2015 the Democrat-led government would have called off the search for Bin Laden out of a spineless attempt to pander to the Muslim world after a nuclear attack. Come 2011...
    • More hilarity: This same timeline has a right-wing populist elected as President in 2016, and the whole media in a panic that he'll impose a fascist dictatorship on America, and/or start World War III. Sounds familiar? In fact, he doesn't ... Until about halfway through his first period. Let's keep our fingers crossed that doesn't also happen according to schedule in real life.
  • Ho Yay: Since Lee controls Ling via a microchip, any interaction with Hans would be this indirectly. However, Ling does genuinely love Hans.