YMMV / Cadfael

  • Magnificent Bastard: Sheriff Hugh Beringar in One Corpse too Many provides Cadfael with the horses and information Cadfael needs to spirit Beringar's betrothed away, whom Beringar has been tasked to find. He hopes to both see his betrothed off safely as he feels no love for her, nor does he wish her harm. However, he wants a job for the king, which he hopes to achieve by providing the king with a large treasure which his betrothed was to take to safety with her. Beringer hopes the treasure will act as a conciliatory prize in lieu of the girl.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Ivo Corbière from Saint Peter's Fair has already stooped to murder to get his hands on a list of Empress Maude's partisans to give to King Stephen, so that he, Corbière, can win an earldom at least. Emma has it, and Corbière crosses the Horizon when he threatens to rape her to get it—and enjoy doing so. The readers cheer when Emma, in resisting him, knocks the brazier over and he burns to death.
    • This is how Beringar regards Renaud Borchier, alias Cuthred's, betrayal of his liege in her darkest hour in The Hermit of Eyton Forest.
    • Father Ailnoth from The Raven in the Foregate crosses this when he refuses to give absolution to a young woman who has gotten pregnant before marriage. It's also noted that he refused to interrupt his prayers to baptise a sickly newborn and then when the child died unbaptised because of his delay, wouldn't give it consecrated burial. Lord Cassale, a TV-only character from the same story, crosses this for torturing/murdering various peasants without trial.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: A prize example. Leaving aside some questionable casting decisions the television shows' scripts mercilessly alter the book plots. This does not necessarily make them bad television, but it does not necessarily make for a good adaptation either.