YMMV / Cabin by the Lake

  • Complete Monster: Stanley Caldwell is a horror movie writer who moonlights as a misogynistic Serial Killer. To get inspiration for his scripts, he kidnaps teenage girls and locks them up in a soundproof room for several days before he puts them in a dress and drowns them in the nearby Lake Summit by weighing them down. He creates a grotesque underwater graveyard from their corpses, which he frequently visits. He also stabs a movie director to death and tries to commit a double murder of his agent and the Final Girl. He fakes his own demise, later returning to infiltrate the set of a movie based on his work. He proceeds to kill a large part of the crew in various brutal ways. With his murder spree halted, he kidnaps the second heroine to make her the centerpiece of his next "garden". While it's initially speculated that he must have a Freudian Excuse of some sort, he explains that there is none; he simply enjoys watching people beg for their lives and wants to share his crimes with the world to fuel his massive ego.