YMMV / Cherub Series

  • Complete Monster: While many villains in the series have loved ones and/or are well-intentioned, these Big Bads are neither:
    • The Sleepwalker: Hassam Bin Hassam solely motivated by greed, sells shoddy and faulty parts to airlines, which results in the deaths of nearly 350 people from a large plane crash, something for which he had absolutely zero remorse. He would regularly beat his wife, son, and housekeeper. He abused his son for enjoying Western culture, despite enjoying it himself, and kills his own wife when confronted about his plan to cover up his involvement in the plane crash. When he finds bugs in his house, he brutally waterboards his housekeeper in the toilet and shoots her in the thigh so she can not get help. When cornered, Hassam holds his own son hostage at knife-point and threatens to kill him if he is not allowed to go free.
    • Brigands M.C: Ralph "The Führer" Donnington is a Neo-Nazi in charge of the South Devon Chapter of the titular biker gang. He is introduced trying to assault and possibly kill his son Martin for spitting on a member's patch, only stopping when the member appeases him by having Martin fight the much more skilled Dante Scott. The Führer later threatens to kill Dante's father when he disagrees with his plans to have the clubhouse torn down for new facilities. When Dante's parents kill one of his thugs, he retaliates by killing them and their two older children, and the younger two only live when Dante escapes though the window with the baby, accidentally injuring said baby in the process. To eliminate Dante as a witness he sends a gang member to try to bomb the foster home that Dante was staying at. When the Führer finds an undercover cop in his group he takes him to a field to execute him, until the cop tells him that he doesn't want a murder of a officer on his hands. When protagonist James Adams gets a job as a server for the clubhouse, the Führer threatens to kill him for delivering tepid food as a sick joke, and admits he does this with every new server.
    • Aramov series: Leonid Aramov is a member of an international crime clan that coordinates deals between cartels and criminal organizations, and plans to usurp leadership from his mother Irena. In his introduction in People's Republic, he forces family member Ingrid to transfer her accounts to him by torturing her stepdaughter Ning in front of her, then killing Ingrid; sends hitmen after his nephew Ethan to remove competition for leadership, with said hitmen killing Ethan's mother Galenka and his friend Yannis. In Guardian Angel, Leonid kidnaps Ethan as a bargaining chip to get the Aramov accounts under his control; suggests cutting out Ethan's lower jaw and sending it to Irena as proof; takes him to a poacher's ranch where he is mistreated; and tries to overdose Irena on painkillers to take complete control of the clan. After being exiled from the clan in Black Friday, Leonid moved to Mexico planning to sell weapons to the local cartels, and has his informant in the clan try to kill the current leader, his brother Josef. In addition, Leonid was also a brutal domestic abuser who regularly beat, raped, and mentally tortured his prospective wife Tamara, and threatened to kill their children should she try to leave him. Leonid ultimately had little to no regard for his family, and only cared about being in control of it.
  • Designated Hero: James sometimes falls into this, though he usually gets called out.
  • Die for Our Ship: A canon example with Dana in The General, who is now cheating on her boyfriend to enforce First Girl Wins, despite the previous book showing him flat-out refusing to get together with said first girl because of how unstable it'd been.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: The latter books have "Not Suitable for Younger Readers" on the back of the cover, presumably because of the gritty portrayal of sex and sexuality, obscene language, violence, drug and alcohol use, adolecent bad attitudes, etc. Unfortunately it never specifies how young is "younger," and is marketed as a juvenile book.
  • The Woobie: Ethan Kitsell/Aramov. His mother was killed, his life was destroyed, his uncle Leonid is a psychopath and actively tries to kill him, and his only friend is a double agent.