YMMV / Byker Grove

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome - Noddy's Coming-Out Story was one for both the writers and the BBC. Byker Grove was the first British drama series to broach the subject, and it faced a huge amount of backlash from Moral Guardians and the tabloids for doing so. Despite this, the BBC refused to cave to pressure and strongly backed the move, receiving a lot of support from the LBGT community and much of the general public in return.
  • Last Note Nightmare - In the episode where Jemma Dobson is killed by faulty electrics, the laugh at the end of the credits becomes this as it comes just as a still shot of her dead body appears on the screen.
  • Narm - Many, many moments qualify. Of note is the scene in which PJ is blinded by a paintball: there's the overdramatic zoom in on different character's faces, PJ's weird sounding scream, the fact that nobody thinks to wipe the paint out of his eyes, and Duncan's reaction: "'e's BLIND, man! He cannae SEE!” The strong Georgie accents don't help. Of course, nowadays that's part of the appeal.