YMMV / Busou Shinki

  • Awesome Moments -
    • Episode 2: Hina demonstrating her swordskill by chopping up all the produce Maochao and Howling throw at her, dicing the food so well that Ann and Lene can immediately start help putting together dinner for their Master.
    • Episode 12: Hina makes use of Ann's flightpack, combining parts from it with her Armor and using the Attack Drones it comes with to distract her opponent Strarf, allowing her to claim victory over the Shinki battle tournament champion with a single decisive sword strike.
  • Funny Moments - There are a few in the anime. Episode 4 in particular has a hilarious race sequence with Ann lending more and more of the things she finds to the contestants as they pull increasingly absurd and rule-bending stunts to win.
  • Moe - ALL of them, but there are a few notable examples.
  • O.C. Stand-in: The toys don't have much personality beyond the exchangeable facial expressions that come with them and their personalities in the games, yet quite a few have been given clear recurring personalities in fanworks. Some examples:
  • Tearjerker - A number of these pop up in the anime and the Moon Angel OVA.
    • Episode 12: The girls share a tearful reunion with Hina after Ann's seemingly-failed attempt to flash-restore her memories succeeds and she defeats the other Strarf that threatened her 'sister'. They have another tearful reunion with their Master at the end of the episode.
    • Moon Angel OVA: The Arnval-type Kaguya chooses to rescue her sister Strarf, despite all the violence that had been done to her earlier in the episode. The first thing Strarf sees after regaining conciousness was her own sister basically forgiving her for all the mean things she'd done earlier.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks - Some Shinki fans of the toyline were somewhat dissatisfied when the "3rd Generation" MMS bodytype Shinki proved to have some differences in connector/parts sizes that made it difficult to interchange parts with "1st-generation" MMS bodies. While there are adapators and spacers available for the chestplates, a number of fans dislike that the adaptors made the resulting combination less visually pleasing.