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YMMV: Buffy The Vampire Slayer S 2 E 7 Lie To Me
  • Epileptic Trees: Ford exhibiting some brass balls and asking about his "reward", to Spike and Dru blankly stare back. There's some debate as to who did the actual siring, but from the way she slowly opened her eyes in response to Ford's question, and the fact that she hadn't gotten a "treat" yet, Drusilla's a good bet.
  • Rewatch Bonus: You can see Beljoxa's Eye on a mural behind Billy and Buffy. Beljoxa's Eye plays a pivotal role in season seven's "Showtime".
    • How the Buffyverse much would have changed if Drusilla had simply taken Angel's advice here. Angel wouldn't have lost his soul in "Innocence" (2x14), and might not have departed for L.A. the following year. Spike ended up having to help Buffy kill Angelus in "Becoming Pt. 2" (2x22) which caused Drusilla to dump him; That event led to Spike's entire personal transformation and turgid affair with Buffy. Drusilla later turned up on Angel to sire Darla as a vampire again, thus leading to Darla's one-night stand with Angel and culminating in Connor's birth. Phew.

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