YMMV / Buckethead

  • Archive Binge: If you really want to listen to all of his songs, you have to start with all, this and then more to come, of his solo albums, but then there's his EPS, demos tapes, unrealesed singles, live only songs. Plus all of his collaborations he's done with other artists: such as Praxis, Serj Tankian, Mike Patton, Parliament-Funkadelic, Deli Creeps, Travis Dickerson, Bill Laswell, Giant Robot, Iggy Pop, Science Faxation, Dj Disk, Bill Moseley, Cornbugs, and Primus. By the time this man is dead, he will have written and composed nine-billion songs.
  • Archive Panic:
    • Unless you have seventy million hours of free time, listening to everything he made will be a challenge; due to a huge amount of output over the last couple of years, his over 100 albums can cause this to happen.
    • He's currently ouputting about an album every 3.5 days in 2015. He's on course for 100 albums IN A YEAR
    • As if it wasn't bad enough, in October 1, 2015 he started a Halloween countdown by releasing one album a day. Since he had released 75 albums by the end of September, he's going over 100 albums this year for sure.
    • Seems to have slowed down in 2016 witrh a mere 15 released so far, but this may be due to him touring for the first time in years.
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: A creepy guy with a bucket on his head plays guitar. Despite that, Buckethead is by far one of the most popular guitarists of his generation.