YMMV / Broodhollow

  • Nightmare Fuel: Yes, just yes. When anything nightmare fuel-y is happening, Straub switches to a more detailed style, allowing us to see in great detail how horrifying something is. Some fun examples:
    • Wadsworth has a dream where a patchwork skeleton is lying on a pile of his dictionary books.
    • Later on the same skeleton makes a surprise appearance between the panels of the comic as a reminder on why he shouldn't sleep.
  • Schedule Slip: Kris has a child now, and because it takes up so much of his time, the last update to the main storyline in Broodhollow was in July 2015. There have still been side comics and even a couple of unrelated videos, but unless you want to do an Archive Binge, it might be hard to remember where the story was going.
  • Word of God: Not of facts, but of the fact that there are facts. Kris has stated that there is a reason for everything - even the fact that the skeleton in Wadsworth's dream was French.
    • Of the first Wham Line example above, Kris says, "This is a very important strip." If he's referring to a way in which it it's important that ISN'T obvious...