YMMV / Brody's Ghost

  • Jerkass Woobie: Talia proves herself to be a real piece of work, despite being technically on Brody's side, but when you get down to it, her life has been downright awful. First, she had to watch her father die from leukemia. Then, not two years later while she and her mother were recuperating, she ends up victim to a Serial Killer, and got front row seats in an Out of Body Experience as the monster choked the life out of her. After finally being able to move as a ghost, she had to watch as her mother went insane from grief. She then spent the next five years trying to get back at the Penny Murderer, with absolutely no success until she met Brody. Little wonder she's the way she is.
  • The Woobie: Self-pitying as he is, Brody ends up having it rough. First, he's still on the tail end of a particularly bad break up that he's no where near over. Then he very nearly gets killed in a fight with a biker gang. After Talia finally convinces him to track down the Penny Murderer, he has to burn all but one his most prized possessions to complete his training. Then, when it looks he's reconciled with his ex, he learns that the Serial Killer he's hunting will target her next. So naturally, he tries to watchout for her to keep her safe, which backfires when he's caught, basically undoing all the progress they've made. His repeated efforts to safeguard Nicole ends with him making enemies of the mob and the police, and despite managing to locate the Penny Murderer, his romantic rival gets all the praise due to Talia's manipulations, while he's left a fugitive. His friends step in to make things better at the end, but damn.