YMMV / Bridge

  • Broken Base: In tournament/club play, whether scoring is better at match points or international match points (usually called IMPs). Match points merely compare scores between similarly-facing partnerships - the team that scores better gets a match point (even if they only did better by 10 points), and ties award half a point. IMPs compare the scores between the teams and award more points to teams on a roughly logarithmic scale. Which is better can rouse fierce debate - fans of the former argue that IMPs can unfairly swing things on a single large-scoring hand (such as a slam or a doubled contract), while proponents of the latter criticize match points for hair-splitting over a single overtrick or playing in no-trump versus a major suit (assuming the same bonuses and number of tricks taken, the no-trump contract will earn exactly 10 points more than the major suit contract - which could be a huge swing in match points but is worth no IMPs).
  • That One Rule: In tournament and club play, there are procedures for dealing with a board that cannot be scored for any reason at one or more tables. These are mathematically complex, and can result in a pair not involved having its score reduced — for example, a pair that might otherwise have gotten 10 out of 10 on that board will now get only 9.9. This is disliked both by new players (who don't understand the calculations involved) and by experts (for whom that small adjustment can have an impact on their placement).