YMMV / Breath of Fire II

  • Arc Fatigue: Clearing Bow's name, during which several, more important story events happen before it could even reach its conclusion. The heroes will finally catch up with the thief in Simafort. Thing is, with a rather long story event taking place there, not to mention the sheer size of the place, there's a slight chance the player might not even realize that their quarry is even there.
  • Awesome Music: "Owaranai Ai", the awesome promo song used for the Japanese commercial of this game, was added in the fan translation done by d4s.
  • Bizarro Episode:
    • The SimaFort scenario is profoundly silly in what is a fairly serious game. It involves tracking down an ex-girlfriend and collecting ingredients for a cook-off, all in an attempt to prove a Jean's identity as prince of SimaFort, about which only one person cares in the first place (Jean's sister Petape), and the chain of events are never again mentioned outside of once, vaguely and in passing, during a recap of the game's possessed bosses. The sequence could be edited out without disrupting the plot if it weren't also where you find the thief you've thus far spent the whole game searching for.
  • Complete Monster: Father Habaraku, founder of the church, which steals the souls of its believers in order to power up the Big Bad. His favorite method for winning followers seems to be replacing respected members of various communities with literal demons that disguise themselves as those people. He also replaced a man who used to be in charge of the church, a priest who was such a compassionate, big-hearted, and lovable character, and your father. He got booted off the scene so that Habaruku could take over, then strapped to a horrible demonic contraption and his life energy itself is used to power it for about ten years.
  • Game-Breaker: Has its own page.
  • Goddamned Bats: Any enemy that has stat-modifying spells like Def-Up. Such enemies almost always come in groups of two or greater, and all of these spells share an animation that takes 8-9 seconds to go through, which is much longer than most spells in the game. Since the enemy AI prioritizes such magic above everything else, they will spam it with impunity in the first few rounds of the fight, meaning a single round of combat can take almost a whole minute to finish.
    • Probably the singular most annoying enemies in the game are the Ganets/Ganimedes from Infinity, which also fall in the category above. Not only do these things take a lot of effort to kill due to their high defense, healing, and immunity to magic, but they can come in groups of up to five. It's not unheard of for a fight like this to go on for six minutes due to having no choice but to slowly pick them apart one by one.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Rather hard to believe that this game was actually pretty dark and ballsy for its day. Likewise, it can be hard to believe that the Corrupt Church and Church Of Evil was actually something almost never seen in games before at the time. (Same with Lunar: Eternal Blue and Shin Megami Tensei, although many people didn't know about the latter until the internet, and in the case of the former, the Playstation version is a little more known.)
  • Special Effect Failure: The good ending, wherein Ryu's father crashes the township in front of the final dungeon to seal it away forever. However the effect is simply superimposing the sprite in front of the background layer - and the door still has an obvious opening.
  • That One Boss: Algernon and her two flunkies. One flunky will heal a single person for 100 HP, while the other hits the party for about 30 damage per turn. Killing the flunky will grant you 1 turn of relaxation before it regenerates. You can't keep up with that kind of damage or healing so early in the game, so you have to juggle between killing the flunkies, healing yourself and killing the boss.
  • That One Level: The first half of Infinity, the final dungeon. The enemies are a massive step up from the rest of the game and come in droves, the random battle frequency is as bad as ever, and it just keeps going and going. It feels like the enemies were balanced for parties full of perfect-fusion characters - but several of them spam Death, and it's as accurate for them as it is you. And characters lose their fusions when they die. Best part? There are no save points until you reach Dragnier!