YMMV: Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

  • Anticlimax Boss: Chetyre. One wonders if the real Final Boss was actually Dragon-hybrid Bosch before it. Really, you can't actually lose against Chetyre, unless you don't realize you're supposed to push your D-ratio to 100%.
  • Broken Base: Reactions ranged from ecstatic to furious, especially outside of Japan—where its detractors have accused it of being a Franchise Killer, despite the game being the top-selling game in its first week of release. (The fanbase isn't nearly as broken in Japan, for whatever reason.)
    • Capcom seems to (at least since 2007) semi-officially consider Dragon Quarter its Old Shame as far as the franchise goes—no promotional material has come out since a few months after its release in Japan; it is the sole game in the franchise never to have had derivative works licensed such as manga or drama albums; it is the sole game never to have had a port from its original system (Breath of Fire III did have a No Export for You PSP re-release and Breath of Fire IV did have a Windows port); and all new promotional material for the franchise as a whole (save a re-release of the Breath of Fire Complete Works artbook) has been for IV. This treatment likely is due to the badly Broken Base outside of Japan.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Electric Power Building, a song with an amazing soundscape.
    • It's a Sakimoto soundtrack, so of course it'll be like that. It's the only thing everyone agrees about this game: The soundtrack is fantastic.
  • Faux Symbolism: Most of the symbolism is from the Kabbalah, including a mockup of the sephirot in its official art with appropriate placements. Elyon's own name also fits in this imagery set. There's also extensive Christian imagery with several of the regents' names, the name of the org Trinity as well as some other hidden references.
  • Foe Yay: Ryu with Bosch.
  • Game Breaker: The D-Dive ability. Even when taking into account that abusing Ryu's dragon form will eventually cause the D-Counter to rise to 100% and thus end the game, the sheer power behind the dragon form alone is ridiculous. By using the D-Dive sparingly the dragon form can kill any boss in the game, and with the right strategy used, the player can still finish the game with ample percentage left in the D-Counter.
    • Alternatively, using the D-Dive to finish fights faster and then, making use of the strange save game mechanic, allowing the Party XP to be carried over (while resetting the D-Dive in the process), and then rinse and repeat, farming large amounts of XP. This can get your characters up to at least 10 levels over your enemies.
  • Ho Yay: Elyon with Cupid, whom he is implied to have a relationship with.
    • And partially the victim of one of two incidents of Bowdlerization known to have happened with Dragon Quarter, but (compared to the mass censorship in IV) was merely changed to a het relationship.
  • Jerkass Woobie Destroyer Of Worlds: Yeah, Bosch's an entitled jerk, but anyone who's seen all his cutscenes knows this kid is severely messed up. A particularly disturbing SOL sequence shows Bosch killing a Genic five times his size at his father Vexacion's demand - before his voice broke.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Pushing D-Counter to 100% causes this.
  • Vindicatedby History: Somewhat. Reception to the game has warmed a bit over time, with people praising its oppressive atmosphere, small-scale plot and innovative, ahead-of-its-time gameplay. It's common now to see gamers say they initially hated the game for being different but gradually grew to enjoy it on its own merits, or that they should really give the game another shot because of the potential they saw.