The movie:

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The game:

* CrowningMomentOfAwesome: [[spoiler: After waking up in the future, Derrick must make his way to Ogawa's lab to receive an injection that will allow him to kill Solus and destroy Nexus in the past. Just as he's about to inject Derrick, T'lan break in, causing Ogawa to drop the syringe into a nearby grate. Alex holds them off while you scramble to retrieve the syringe. When you finally get it and inject it into yourself, power surges through Derrick as heroic music begins to play, and he bursts up out of the grate like Superman and proceeds to absolutely curb-stomp the T'lan.]]
* NauseaFuel: Even if first-person shooters don't usually give you headaches or upset your stomach, this one might.
** There's nothing quite like watching your character vomit (twice) into a toilet from his eyes.
* WhatAnIdiot: Whatever organization is sending armed soldiers, and all forms of heavy ordinance to try and destroy you, the best hope of stopping the T'lan threat, and placing the warrant for your death ''above'' the very T'lan that are a threat to all humanity, save perhaps Solus, has to be populated entirely by absolute winners of the Darwin Award because the T'lan clearly either don't know or care about their efforts and intend on eradicating manking without exception.