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YMMV: Bratz

The dolls themselves:

  • Unfortunate Implications: Let us begin...
    • In one episode of the cartoon, Jade's pet cat, Mica (named after a common ingredient in makeup), is "petnapped" along with Burdine's dog. While going on about how upset she is by this, she refers to the cat as "[her] best accessory". She is also seen using the cat as a boa during a photo shoot earlier in the show. Remember kids: Animals are fashion accessories, not living things.
    • Bratz Babyz.
    • In the Japanese-themed "Tokyo A Go-Go" line, one of the dolls is named May Lin, a Chinese name (and misspelled at that - it should be Mei Lin). Her kimono is also inaccurate - the obi is tied in the front, which in Japan would be associated with prostitutes.
    • The commercial for the Secret Date dolls is creepily reminiscent of prostitution, right down to the outfit the young actress changes into.
    • The Secret Date dolls came with a Bratz girl and a randomised boy, that would mean both the girls and guys really got around.
    • Genie Magic has a scene where Yasmin is upset about all of the stray animals that are outside during a thunderstorm. A few minutes later, in the same scene, Cloe freaks out at the thought of Katia being out on her own because she will be living on the streets and will eventually end up looking and smelling like a homeless person.
    • Rock Angelz has Sasha admitting to a horoscope that tells her that she can't stay committed to "just one guy". While this can be interpreted as a liberal view on Polyamory, it then remarks, "When you're this gorgeous, why should you?"
      • Anything involving relationships really...
    • The original ads featured the slogan "Don't theorise, accessorise!" This toy brand almost literally tried to sell itself as "don't think, buy!"
    • What about the slogan for the sports line? "It doesn't matter how you play, it's how good you look when you win."
      • Well it could be a variation of the common motto that the most important thing in a game isn't winning, but having fun. And we all know what the Bratz's idea of fun is...
    • The book Model Friendship has Jade enter a modelling competition and finding out that Cameron has entered Cloe as well. Jade asks Cloe to drop out. Cloe before this point, showing no interest in the competition, decides to enter and they spend the rest of the book being catty witches towards each other. Eventually, they make up. But not because of Yasmin and Sasha, because of the boys. The lesson? Girls will fight each other until the death while the others watch unless big strong men are there to calm them down.
    • This quote from Jade: "Fave Books? I prefer fashion mags."
      • Probably that's why in the reboot Jade's favourite book is the National Geographic magazine.
    • Eitan (the only boy) is the only one whose Bio includes Wants To Be, yes, he's the only one with any ambition aside from a fashion passion.

The movie contains examples of:

Bratz in general contains examples of:

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Most parodies of these dolls portray the girls as tramps/man-eaters/outright prostitutes.
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Most of the things associated with the Rock Angelz movie and doll-line, the CD included some pretty great songs (Nobody's Girl and So Good) and the video game (also mentioned below).
  • Creator's Pet: There is a reason the word Closmin exists. MGA's ability to create lines with only Cloe and Yasmin and if not create clones, nicknamed Closmin clones, who are Cloe and Yasmin in all but name.
    • Supposedly the preference for Yasmin is because the name and appearance of the doll is based on the creator's daughter.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: And yes, Bratz Are Back
  • Fandom Rivalry: Bratz versus Barbie and Bratzillaz versus Monster High. Now that the latter has a fairy tale spinoff, woe betide those on the MGA side of the war should they make their own...
  • Fanon Discontinuity: For some fans, Bratz are not back.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: The book Will Work For Fashion has Cloe getting a job to buy a dress she wants to wear to her first art gala. This is treated like the worst thing any teenager has ever done because she isn't spending every moment with her 'friends'.
    • The same book has Cloe (Working in a cosmetics shop) mix and match make up of different sorts without her boss' permission. When her boss finds out and fires her, he's treated as the villain.
  • Memetic Mutation: LEGGINS.
  • Moe: Bratz Babyz and Bratz Kidz.
  • So Bad, It's Good: This new 2010 song is like listening to a train crash in slow motion with teenybopper lyrics.
  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit: Jade's favorite music is listed as Gwen Stefani, in 2012.
    • Well, it's been listed as that as far back as 2005.

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