YMMV / Brass Restoration

  • Critical Research Failure: There is a world famous band (Def Leppard) with a drummer who is missing his left arm.
  • Ho Yay - Ryo/Koutarou. Not a possible route, alas.
    • In the Yukine route Ryo thinks Tsubomi is about to kiss him so you get the choice who he should think about because kissing Tsubomi is wrong (in his mind), Koutarou is an option. He pounces on Ryo, strips naked and Ryo fails to fight him off... then Ryo wakes up. Later Koutarou asks Ryo who he's interested in and you have the option to declare love to him, which causes him to go into shock and collapse.
  • Moe - Being a Dating Sim, there's plenty of Moe to go around.
  • The Woobie - Kouri, mostly because of how much Ryo picks on her, as well as her backstory.
    • Ryo too, given how he lost his arm and with it, his way of life. It's also near impossible for him to do the simplest tasks like cook himself food because he lost his arm.