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YMMV: Braceface
  • Anvilicious: After Sharon became a vegetarian, virtually every other episode featured Sharon shoving animal rights down people's throats and how right she is to do so. In one specific episode, she gets her brother to join a duck conservation group. When she finds out they condone hunting, she goes off on a rampage on how evil it is, even telling off Granola Girl Hannah for saying their justification is that it prevents overpopulation saying that nature would work its way out. By the end of the episode, she gets her brother to tell the people off for supporting hunting.
    • There was of course the standard Free the Frogs episode, although it is mostly anvilicious since the frogs are pre-killed in real life, and Sharon befriending an otherwise bitchy character solely for agreeing with her about the frog.
    • At the end of the episode where Sharon learns to accept Alden as a meat eater she says she can still "work on him" when they're married.
    • Ironically in season three she has to learn to eat meat due to acquiring anemia.
      • It's tempting to say this has something to do with Alicia Silverstone, Sharon's first voice actress and the one plugging the environmentalism, leaving the show in season three.
  • Fridge Horror: In one episode, Nina learns that Sharon was innocent about the doll-incident (it was a mean cousin of hers that did it), and tries to patch things up with her, but in the end, Sharon realizes they have grown too far apart. If it was not for Nina's cousin playing such a trick, Sharon probably would be one of the popular girls, and Allison probably would not have to had given up her old friends to be with Connor.

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