YMMV / Boys Before Flowers

  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Although Jan Di and Jun Pyo were considered the main couple of the series (and it got official at the finale), people in this adaptation often rooted for Ji Hoo over Jun Pyo for Jan Di, because compared to Rui (his counterpart) in the original manga, Ji Hoo showed much more care towards Jan Di earlier into the series than how it took to Rui to realize he cared for Tsukushi (Jan Di's original counterpart).
    • A great segment of the fandom of the Korean drama, actually prefer Yi Jung and Ga Eul over the main couple of the same series. There's even much more fanfiction written about them than the two main leads!
  • Hollywood Homely: Jan Di considered herself sometimes to be "fat"... compared to the other girls of the cast and their culture standards, though...
  • The Woobie:
    • Ji Hoo. He gets his hopes dashed so many times you just want to hug him.
    • So Yi Jung. Habitually suicidal mother, inattentive father, and a brother who deserted him to deal with all the family issues on his own, and without the only person he ever relied on as a child. No one can resist his tears—no one.