YMMV / Boogeyman

  • Badass Decay: Was undefeated for quite some time, and even went over John Bradshaw Layfield at Royal Rumble 2006, until his undefeated streak ended at the hands of Finlay, of all people. From there, he gradually settled into a mid-card comedy act.
  • Crazy Awesome: That the act managed to get over, as a baby face no less.
  • Narm Charm: Few will debate that while athletic, he wasn't much of a wrestler, and that the Darth Maul makeup and witch doctor costume were definitely silly, but he was very entertaining to watch.
  • Nausea Fuel: The worms he would eat and/or try to shove down his opponents' throats. Especially relevant when you learn that they were alive worms.
    • Also, the time he bit off Jillian Hall's blemish/mole while JBL and Jillian were guests of Piper's Pit on the January 13, 2006 Smackdown.
    • Randomly, he would foam at the mouth.

Alternative Title(s): The Wrestling Boogeyman