YMMV / Bonekickers

  • Critical Research Failure: The first episode villain's whole plan is to annoy Muslims into starting a religious war by revealing physical evidence that Jesus was a historical figure. Apparently nobody involved realized that Islam already believes he existed; they just believe different things about him.
    • At the begining of "Cradle of Civilization" Magwilde outright states that the ancient Celts made nothing of any historical importance; for an archeologist, she's remarkably ignorant of Skara Brae, an island off the coast of Scotland that contains the oldest intact human habitation in recorded history.
  • Designated Hero: Magwilde.
  • Ham and Cheese: Hugh Bonnevile left no scenery unchewed as Dolly.
  • Jerk Sue: Magwilde. She treats everyone on her team like dirt, is openly dismissive (and ignorant!) of much of the history she claims to cultivate, violates the scientific method every episode and is always right.
  • Narm: Where to start?
  • So Bad, It's Good