!!The Comicbook:
* BestKnownForTheFanservice: The series never really gained a large readership but there's a lot of fanart of it out there, most of which is porn and pinups focusing exclusively on Panda. So while it's resulted in a lot more people being familiar with the series all most of them know is that there's a busty 14 year old in a way-too-small cheerleader outfit who shoots people.
** That last sentence is what got the series some notoriety around its release. The series was very violent and gory, but that was nothing new for the 90's comic scene. What was new was a comic with a sexualized minor, which made a fair number of people in and out of the comics industry uneasy.
** The series itself was very short lived, only filling out two very slim paperbacks. The amount of [[SelfFanservice fan]] [[RuleThirtyFour material]] out there ''massively'' dwarfs the series proper, making it very likely that someone could be [[PerverseSexualLust very familiar]] with the series, [[TheWeirdAlEffect without having ever read it.]]
* JustHereForGodzilla: See above.
* TheWeirdAlEffect: Thanks to Panda's [[PerverseSexualLust popularity]] among certain circles of the internet, mixed with the comic's short length and relative obscurity, it's not hard to find people who know Panda as [[MsFanservice the attractive pin-up girl]] the internet has made her into while knowing nothing of the comic (or that she's even from a comic at all).