YMMV / Blueberry

  • Complete Monster: There are a number of nasty characters in its roster, but the worst is definitely Dr. Wernher Amadeus "Prosit" von Luckner, aka Gustaaf Hazel, from the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine arc. A Dirty Coward with a sadist streak and a propensity to shoot his partners in the back, "Prosit" has a lot of murders on his conscience, including when he was the butler for the actual von Luckner, killing him to search for the gold himself. He also put a rattlesnake in the boot of his latest partner and then made him "dance" so that the venom would spread faster in his system. His latest act of villainy is trapping Blueberry and two other people in a cave with no way out, leaving behind a big taunting message for his victims.
  • Magnificent Bastard: However, some of the villains are so villainous, you cant help but admire them. Lets run 'em down, shall we?
    • First, we have Lone Eagle, from the album named after him. He is a chieftain and the Evil Genius of the Apache movement, but lives disguised as an Army Scout, nearly successfully tricking the entire ammunition transport to be destroyed. Then he captures Lieutenant Craig, and tortures him for interrogation, just to reveal that he wants war for the heck of it. He then proceeds to capture and nearly kill Blueberry, convince Cochise to continue the war, and kill Lieutenant Crowe at a critical time, before finally get what was coming to him at the hands of Blueberry.
    • Jethro Steelfingers, who makes his first appearance in The Iron Horse, and is also the titular antagonist of the following volume. He single-handedly starts a war with the Sioux because it's his job, brutally beats up Blueberry and orders the lynching of a Sioux messenger in a marvelous Establishing Character Moment, completely ruins all peace negotiations, escapes the custody of the UP on his own, and then goes to convince the Sioux to destroy the train, so he can retrieve the $300,000. When Blueberry is captured and escapes, he personally escapes the natives, captures Blueberry, successfully frames him for his own crimes, escapes with the money, and murders his whole gang. His plan would have succeeded without a hitch, had the Sioux not tracked his bullet, so Sitting Bull could murder him.
    • And Prosit Luckner mentioned above, might manage to be the only villain in the history of fiction to be both a Dirty Coward and a Magnificent Bastard. At first, he seems like a low-key Smug Snake and Manipulative Bastard, but when he systematically murders anyone aiding him during his journey, leaves McClure to a suffering death in the desert, and successfully evades the Apaches, you begin to think there is more to him. When he gets alone with Wally, an outlaw who is just as vicious as Luckner but who is also much stronger and a much better shot, Prosit is in a very precarious position... and then, he kills Wally horribly. When later faced by a ghost, or so he thinks, he outwits it, and fatally wounds it with his gunshots, before escaping its trap, stealing all the gold, water, and traps Blueberry and McClure. The ghost, actually the real Luckner, dies, but Blueberry and McClure escape, and grant Prosit a Karma Houdini Warranty on the final page, but he is still extremely magnificent.
    • Francesco Juan Vigo, from Chihuahua Pearl. Originally tasked with a Fiery Cover Up amid corrupt governors, desperadoes and femme fatales, he has everyone else killed, Chihuahua Pearl, Red Neck and McClure forgotten about, and Blueberry successfully imprisoned, his cover up is completed, then he blackmails the President of Mexico into giving him a position of a virtual President Evil in Chihuahua, and then he proceeds to systematically suppress and extort his people, making himself insanely rich, and murders anyone opposing him. And when the inevitable day of his downfall comes, he has naturally predicted it, and manages to force Blueberry into saving him from justice. Only a knife In the Back from one of his former victims prevents him from pulling off a complete Karma Houdini, and he ends up shooting himself.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Several of the villains, also get their own fair bit to cross this:
    • Bascom when ordering the eldest captive chief to be hanged, just to warn the natives.
    • For Lone Eagle, it is possibly when murdering two soldiers and compromising the convoy, possibly when torturing Craig, but definitely when brutally murdering and scalping Lieutenant Crowe, whom Cochise had given a free pass, just to wreck the incipient truce.
    • Steelfingers, when assassinating several Sioux warriors, and thereby finally ensuring that there will be war.
    • General Allister, when abandoning the wounded, defenseless soldiers commanded by Blueberry to be slaughtered by the Arapaho.
    • Luckner is so much of a Complete Monster, that he scarcely has one, but leaving McClure to a slow death in the desert qualifies. Otherwise, the murder of Wally with a rattlesnake, though he was a full-fledged Asshole Victim.
    • Vigo, when ensuring Blueberry is imprisoned for life for a crime he did not commit.
    • Eggskull, shooting down Chini in cold blood.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Ayahuasca Visions in the movie