YMMV / Blue Peter

  • Contractual Purity - Very much the case here, at least while you're actually on the show. Presenters are required to present a "clean and wholesome" image at all times. This means no smoking, no drugs and certainly no being a Page Three Stunna.
    • The very first presenter, Peter Trace, was sacked - for adultery - in 1959.
    • A previous presenter's tenure was cut very short when tabloids revealed he'd not only been in porn, it was gay porn. This was compounded by his having, briefly, been a rent boy. BP takes it very seriously that its presenters should be morally upstanding and squeaky-clean.
    • Richard Bacon's drug-related fall is well documented.
    • Lesley Judd left the series shortly before it was revealed her lover had left his wife for her.
    • Even in the morally less hung-up eighties, a female presenter was forced out when it was revealed she was having a baby but not married.
    • Zoe Salmon's innappropriate on-air diversion into her Northern Irish political affiliations nearly got her sacked (see main).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Richard Bacon did an article on one Blue Peter book titled "Pot It" not long before his drug allegations.
  • Les Yay: All the innuendos, rumours and whispered stories concerning long-standing presenter Valerie Singleton, a lady who kept her private life very much to herself and never married. It has been revealed that she actually had a discreet affair with fellow presenter Peter Purvis. But this doesn't stop the rumours about her dominant gender preference being for other women.
  • Panty Shot: In the late 1990's/early 2000's, when miniskirts were in fashion again, and presenters Katy Hill and Konnie Huq seemed to be in competition as to who could flash her knickers most often when sitting on the Blue Peter sofa. Just to make it more obvious, Katy appeared to favour what was otherwise a style solecism of wearing white knickers with black tights. She also had a habit of crouching or squatting when presenting to camera that made it difficult to conceal in a miniskirt.
  • Sideboob exposure: Zoe Salmon became the first BP presenter to go topless in the history of the show, and quite possibly the first presenter to do so in the entire history of BBC childrens' broadcasting. This wasn't even with any high-minded purpose, such as education or art. The presenters were reproducing iconic images from the James Bond movies and it fell to the blonde and pneumatic Zoe to do the one where the girl is covered in gold paint. The Blue Peter Annual no. 36 records the completed image, with a gold-painted Zoe clearly topless in sideboob pose and a combination of hair and right arm covering the contentious bits.