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YMMV: Blue Mountain State
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Concerning Thad's sexual orientation. Gay Bravado or Armored Closet Gay?
  • Crosses the Line Twice
  • Designated Hero: Most of the team can qualify, generally in being lazy, perverted, drug-addicted slobs and Jerk Asses. It's Played for Laughs of course.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The reference to Joe Paterno holding the record for wins by a Division I coach became this very quickly due to the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. note  A week after Paterno broke the record, he was fired by Penn State as a result of the scandal, and he died shortly afterwards.
  • Ho Yay: Alex and Sammy occasionally have their moments, as does Alex with Thad, mixed with a dash of Foe Yay.
    • Thad has a definite fascination with Alex's genitals, becomes extremely upset when Alex will not pat him on the ass and swallows a used condom full of Alex's spunk. Yeah, definitely some Ho Yay / Homoerotic Subtext going on there!

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