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YMMV: Blood Sword
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Casting spells in not exactly the easiest thing in the world...
  • That One Boss: Plenty... but in Book 3, Azidahaka, Nasu and Yazir take the cake and eat it! Seriously, they're THIS close to being an Hopeless Boss Fight... which you still have to win! It's almost impossible to defeat them, or even escape from them, without a massive amount of cheating and/or good luck. PROTIP: Make sure you have a Scroll of Invisibility from Book 1, so you can run away from the fight with a 100% chance.
    • It's more of a penalty fight, as there's a way to avoid the fight. First, you have to choose the right path, and as the game is Nintendo Hard, good luck stumbling upon it. Then, always follow the chimp.

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