YMMV: Blood Diamond

  • Awesome Moments: Danny and Solomon need to cross a bridge at one point. With the right gun skills and a cap, they get past the guards quite effectively.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Every scene.
    • 'You risk my life like that again... and I'll peel your face back off your head.'
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The stuff about diamond mines being run by slave labor because the diamond industry really doesn't care how many puppies are raped in the name of profits? Actually mostly true.
    • Fun fact: Supposedly, De Beers diamond company, suspected (though unproven) of making a deal with Executive Outcomes during the conflict, had their sales drop after the film's plot was made public.
    • It also emphasizes that even people who have engaged in evil have the potential to consciously choose good and redeem themselves. This is shown in the film through a real-life home for former child soldiers which, through kind treatment, gives them a chance at a normal life.
  • Special Effects Failure: Jennifer Connelly's character had a tear digitally added to her face when Danny calls her cell phone as he's about to die. In a movie filled with plenty of real tears (probably including some from the audience) the fact that this one is fake is really obvious.