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YMMV: Blood Bowl
  • Character Tiers: Unlike many games, Blood Bowl has several teams that are blatantly worse than other teams, and some that requires advanced knowledge of the game to use properly. The Blood Bowl fandom usually divide teams into one of three tiers: Tier 1 are teams that are usable 'out of the box' with only minimal knowledge of the game (most of the teams), Tier 2 are teams that can be as good as Tier 1 with the right coaching and league development, but will suffer early on (teams like Vampires, Khemri, Underworld, Chaos Pact, Slann and Khorne) and Tier 3 are the joke teams you play for a laugh because they're dreadful no matter how you slice it (Halflings, Goblins and Ogres). There is some fluidity between tiers, but they're usually fairly iron-clad.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Some editions of the PC game will give you your opponents Inducement money if they have a higher team value and you say yes to spending money, but don't actually put any in. Those extra Wizards and Bribes gotten this way can really help a team just starting out.
    • Also, on occasions, the game will bug out and let you have 12 players on the pitch, even though the maximum is supposed to be 11.
  • Porting Disaster: The Xbox 360 version removed multiplayer leagues, essentially gutting the main draw of the game.

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