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YMMV: Bleach Movies
    Filler Arc Tropes 
  • Broken Base: The Zanpakuto arc is split between those that ignored it, those that enjoyed it, those that preferred the manga, and those that write it off as non-canon.
  • Creator's Pet: Nozomi Kujo. Due to her being a Thirty Sue Pileup, any time she shows up, the western fandom riots, And There Was Much Rejoicing when she died.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Yeah, the Invading Army arc was utter crap. But, Komamura VS Reigai Soi-Fon was pretty awesome.
  • Foe Yay: Dalk gives this towards Ishida and Ichigo.
    • Ichigo towards Muramasa.
    • Inaba towards Kon and Nozomi.
  • Ho Yay: The infamous "take it off" scene between Ichigo and Renji during the Bount Arc.
    • A drunken Amagai hugging Ukitake.
    • Muramasa towards Kouga.
    • Hozukimaru and Ruri'ro Kujaku, just like their Shinigami wielders.
  • Les Yay: By the bucketload.
    • The first noted instance is Rukia with Yoshi, from the Bount arc.
    • Rangiku hugging Isane around the shoulder and getting her to join a party in the Bount arc.
    • Rangiku holding a "How to Be Sexy" lesson to Nemu, Yachiru, Isane and Soifon in an Omake. Once Nanao shows up, everyone has a heart floating around their heads.
    • There's an anime-exclusive hug scene between Rukia and Orihime in here.
    • Rukia expresses a lot towards Sode no Shirayuki.
    • Nanao gets quite a bit with the ninja half of Katen Kyokotsu.
    • The Zanpaktou's humanized forms automatically call for this with their wielders, since they are the swords they must fight with and thus, must be able to cooperate and form a chemistry with each other. When said Zanpaktou is the same gender as the wielder? That's just asking for it.
    • Haineko is the most frequent offender, despite her insistence that she prefers guys. Incidentally, these instances can raise quite a few eyebrows about what her real sexuality might be.
      • She seemed pleased at the prospect of forcing Yoruichi to go all-out.
      • She gets a lot with Rangiku. Her second act on-screen was to leaned her face closer to Rangiku, puckering her lips up, before shoving her Shinigami out of the way. After slashing cloth from Rangiku's chest area, Haineko licked the corner of her lips and admitted that she wanted to make Rangiku sexier. Later, she hung around the human world with Rangiku and Orihime in schoolgirl uniforms, taking pictures of them posing together and showing them off to the guys at Urahara's shop. Finally, she let a drunken Rangiku literally brush their faces together in a party and exercised with her on a treadmill.
      • She seems to enjoy hanging around Tobiume; Haineko even groped Tobiume to tease her flat chest and defended her from Kirikaze. Way back, there was the time when Haineko and Tobiume were bound together by Kido, but they didn't seem to mind much about it later.
  • The Scrappy: Arc examples would be the Invading Army and Bount arcs.
    • Lirin, for her Annoying Laugh.
    • Kurodo/Cloud/Claude, for being a rather annoying Mr. Exposition, unnecessarily parroting obvious observations in a silly demeanor.
    • Most Bounts, in particular for being underdeveloped and/or Jerkasses.
    • Rurichiyo Kasumioji, mostly for her Spoiled Brat attitude.
    • Shu Kannogi, for his wimpy voice.
    • Jinnai Doko, for that Annoying Laugh.
    • Kouga Kuchiki.
    • Makoto Kibune is a typical Smug Snake and a carbon copy of another, established villain.
    • Patros, Menis and Aldegor, the Filler Arrancars that tried to form a coup against Aizen, were hard to take seriously, and had very little depth compared to some of the other Arrancars. At best, they're around the same level as the Dark Ones from the first movie.
    • Nozomoi Kujo for being an utter Mary Sue.

    Movie Tropes  

  • Broken Base: Over which movie is better than the others, over the quality of the movies themselves, and over the canonization of the events that took place within each film.
  • Cliché Storm: MacGuffin Girl is being chased by generic badguys, causing problems so they can take over. Hero swears to protect girl he just met and fights generic badguys. Girl sacrifices herself to return everything to Status Quo. Where have we seen this before?
    • In the fourth movie, a girl gets kidnapped into enemy territory, Ichigo's gang charges after her, but they get defeated rather badly midway through. After some emotional drama, Ichigo gets a power-up and fights the Final Boss in a re-match, defeating him for good. We've already seen that happen in the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo arcs.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Plenty liked Homura as well, but not to enough of an extent as Senna.
    • Shuren and Kokuto from the fourth movie have already gained pretty sizable fanbases back at Japan and within America. Take a good guess over why.
  • Les Yay: Homura towards Rukia.
  • Ho Yay/ Foe Yay: Ichigo and Kokuto get some in Movie 4.
  • Relationship Sue: Senna can be considered this.
  • Ship Tease: Movie 4 gave us the aforementioned Kokuto x Ichigo, with a small instance of Orihime/Ichigo.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The first film at least. Generic plot, generic badguys, average fights, but it's Senna that makes it worth watching.
  • Villain Sue: Inaba makes Aizen look like an Elite Mook by comparison.
    • Yushima has the same abilities as Nozomi and Inaba combined, making him the absolute strongest character in the series' history.
      • And that's his SHIKAI!!!!

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