YMMV / Black Sunday

From the 1960 film:
  • Complete Monster: Princess Asa Vadja is a devil-worshipping vampiric witch who terrorized ancient Moldavia. For her crimes, her own brother was forced to sentence her to death, for which she vowed to avenge herself on her own family. 200 years later, Asa is resurrected and begins her work killing the Vajda household and their servants one-by-one. All of this is part of her Evil Plan to absorb Katia's youth so she can torment the Earth once more. When Dr. Andre Gorobec arrives to save Katia, Asa attempts to trick him into killing her himself.
  • Narm: The delivery of "DEATH! I've just seen DEATH!" in one of the trailers. In the film, it's actually delivered in a more subdued way.

From the 1975 Thomas Harris book and 1977 film adaptation:
  • Signature Scene: The blimp attacking the stadium.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Landers he was captured by the NVA and tortured into making propaganda statements for them, forced out of the Navy after his release, left by his cheating wife (who took the kids) soon afterwards, and a scene with him dealing with the uncaring VA bureaucracy shows he's not getting any kind of emotional support from them. Dahlia is the only person who treats him with kindness (and even she starts to have second thoughts after he exults over the rifle-dart bomb test).
    • Dahlia has a bit of this too - Colonel Riat's dossier reveals she and her family were expelled from Palestine during the 1948 war and suffered greatly during their time in a refugee camp.