YMMV / Black Legion

  • Fridge Brilliance: There's a lot of symbolism to the scene where Khayon hurtles Tlaloc at the Canticle City. It's the last thing that truly connected him to his Prosperan past, thus by doing what he did he casts aside his Thousand Sons' legacy in favor of the Black Legion. Second, considering the above, the amount of effort he puts in hauling it behind him is a good metaphor for how he had to work hard to free himself of his past. And third, the relief he feels at being rid of it is... well, the relief he feels at being rid of more metaphysical "it".
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • The scene where Khayon walks, flanked by Telemachon and Lheor, like he usually does with Djedhor and Mekhari. He's quite surprised to feel their thoughts and hear their breaths over the vox. When Lheor asks what is it and hears "It's just... you're alive", Khayon expects mockery. Instead, the World Eater just nods in understanding, cementing the brotherhood between the two.
    • The odd friendship that springs up between Neferari and Ugriven, one of Lheor's lieutenants. Shows that friendship between human and alien is possible, even if both of them are evil.
    • The scene where Telemachon tells the Anamnesis the legend of Nayadas. It's the first time we see him as more than just hedonist pleasure-seeker and realize that he desperately craves something more in his life, just like the others. Khayon sees it, too, and frees Telemachon right after this scene.
    I've done you an... injustice. It's time to rectify it.
    • Though there's no concrete explanation as to how it happened, the fact that Mekhari only managed to reclaim who he was and overcome the Rubric was right when Khayon was about to be killed by New Horus seems to imply that it was their bond of brotherhood that gave Mekhari the strength to become himself again. All the effort that Ahriman puts into trying to achieve this very thing, and it was one brother's desire to save another that undid the curse.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Abaddon. He suffers from at least two memes that make him a complete loser, one because of his thirteen attempts to launch Black Crusades (and since it was barely explained what they were, most assumed he failed all) and the other claiming he has no arms.note  With this book, many start seeing in a better light.