YMMV / Black Death

  • Complete Monster: Langiva, the supposed witch, conducts supposed miracles to keep control of the town, satiating her ego. When the traveling knights come across the town, she has them captured and puts them to death in horrific ways: one crucified, another disemboweled. She demands they renounce Christianity and she will spare them, but when one does, she has him hanged. Langiva also drugs the young monk Osmund's lover to make her appear dead, and that Langiva revived her from the dead to make Osmund renounce God, but taunts Osmund later that he had killed his lover for nothing. Her final act of monstrosity is to have the leader of the knights torn apart by horses when he refuses her offer. All her actions are to satiate her ego and keep an iron-fisted control of the town.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: By the end of the movie, the Christian and Pagan characters alike have both been depicted as cruel, intolerant, violent people who relish torture and killing. It's not hard to take away the message; "People, no matter their creed or belief system, are awful, brutish psychopaths".
  • The Woobie: Osmund, subverted because this might not last when you see what he becomes at the end.