YMMV: Black & White

  • Ear Worm: The sailor song. Also "Deeeeaaaath..."
  • Fridge Horror: The Gods' Playground has a very tiny village consisting of three girls, two boys and two men. If you play there for long enough, you'll eventually have a decent-sized population... who will all be closely related to each other.note 
  • Good Bad Bugs: In the sequelnote , objects in your hand still have all of the properties that they would had you not picked them up. Physics-wise, the game treats it as an object held an arbitrarily-high distance above the ground, which it technically is. The only property that matters, though, is if object is on fire. Burning down enemy wonders (preventing their miracles from being deployed), and destroying enemy catapults is simply a matter of igniting a random tree, picking it up, holding it over the thing you want damaged/destroyednote , and burn it. This can be done far outside your influence, and even in the enemy 's influence.
    • In both the first and the second game, abusing terrain and the zoom feature at specific places lets you throw anything (rock, person, fireball..) a few thousand miles into the sea.
    • In the first game, if you hold a food or wood miracle over the store and tap it continually it will give you masses more food than if you just hold down the mouse and use it all at once.
    • In the first game, picking up and putting dead villagers through a teleport miracle will bring them back to life, even if they have decayed into skeletons. These undead villagers will have zero health (and will return to their dead state if picked up again at this amount of health), and cannot be healed or made into disciples - however they regain health by sleeping and cannot be killed by conventional means.
  • Hype Backlash: Black and White 1 was one of the first (if not the first) cases of Peter Molyneux promising that his games would basically be the best thing ever in every single respect. The released game was very good, but the expectations were so high that a sizable percentage of people were left disappointed. (GameSpy even ranked it first on its "Most Overrated Games" list)
  • Most Annoying Sound: For pity's sake, villagers, we know you need more resources. we'll get to it in a second, so SHUT UP!
    • And also 'Deeeeeaaaath...' if you're evil or suck at keeping your villagers alive.
    • "We need more offspring" and "We need more buildings" are the two worst ones. Why? Because those jerks are never satisfied! No matter how much they breed or how big your village gets, they will continue to whine.
      • People who have played the game for a long time will notice that satisfying some desires just makes other desires more prominent. "Well, we've got all of this food, but there's no way we could eat it all, and it seems such a waste. Hey, I know, let's ask god for babies." and then "We have so many babies, we need homes for them, let's ask god!" and THEN "We have all of these homes, but no wood left. Hey, God!" AND THEN "We've got all of this wood. But our storehouses look really unbalanced now. Hey Go-" and then you burn down the entire village.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Every time a follower of yours dies, a thin, creepy voice whispers "deeath". This is made worse by the fact that if you have a common name like John, that voice will start to whisper YOUR NAME! Expect an Oh, Crap moment.
  • Scrappy Level: The third island again. You're shoved on top of a mountain that barely has room for a half-decent village with virtually no supplies save for what you threw in the portal beforehand, plus your creature has been stolen and you have to cross the entire damn island just to get it back. By the time you do, it'll die on the spot and shrink. Moreover, creating supplies via miracles is terribly slow and inefficient, as you no longer have access to the Norse Wonder which supercharges them, plus the forests that are already planted will be picked clean by the rival God if you don't get to the first.
    • Third island nothing, fucking fireball storm.
      • Indeed. The most effective strategy in Island 4 is invariably "Look up which curse maintains the Firestorm on the Internet and take it out first."