YMMV / Biomega

  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Not really, but one of the weirdest scenes may be the scene in which Higuide bangs Cute Monster Girl Illungorunuka a.k.a. The Octopus Princess
  • Cargo Ship: Fuyu and Zouichi, admit it.
  • Complete Monster: Niardi (Also known as Nyaldee) is the Overlord of the DRF, and is responsible for all of their crimes throughout the manga. Developing a god complex due to her tremendous "empathy" powers, Niardi spread a virus across the Earth that turned all it infected into ravenous zombies. After decimating much of humanity with this virus, Niardi created her own world, which she named The Recreator, and populated it with numerous bio-androids, all with human-like emotions. Centuries later, Niardi first razes an entire village of innocent bio-androids to the ground, then rips out the lone survivor's womb in order to use it to perpetrate the birth of Niardi's daughter. Niardi then tries to murder and absorb the powers of her own daughter in order to wipe out the remains of humanity, along with the bio-androids, then start over and create another world which she will reign over as sovereign. Convinced of her own superiority above all else, Niardi is a genocidal psychopath who saw all other living things as insects to be crushed under her boot.
  • Flat Character: Ion Green, yeah, she may be a more than 200 years old teenager which is the key to inmortality and being the antidote for the N5S Virus but she barely has anything to do with what was happening, and the fact that the manga has some Mind Screw here and there it's kinda easy to lost track of her, and hard to see her as a character rather than a Plot Device.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Boots, one of the humans from the new world, it has chin length long hair and besides the fact that Nihei can only draw 2 or 3 faces for humans of both genders, is pretty similar to his sister.
  • Writer Cop Out: While it has a great ending, and sheds some light on the future of the world of Biomega, just don't think too much on the last pages.